Symphony Tableware Collection

Royalty Settings


We are beyond obsessed with the Symphony Tableware Collection! This collection is so versatile in it's appearance. You can use it for a chic and fabulous birthday party or an elegant dinner party! These high quality plastic plates are the ultimate way to create a stylish and fun table. The Symphony Collection is a round plastic plate/bowl with a decorative silver lip around the border. These disposable plates are sure to enhance and beautify your table. The best part about these round plastic plates is that they are disposable which means NO WASHING DISHES! Which means you can RELAX and ENJOY your meal without worrying about having to clean up afterwards because everything is DISPOSABLE! How amazing is that! So jump on these incredible prices from Royalty Settings and WOW your dinner guests with the Symphony Tableware Collection!

These high quality round disposable plates/bowls are great for weddings, engagement parties, bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties, and dinner parties. 

Package comes in a pack of 10 Plates

Case has 10 Packages (100 Plates)


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